Hey Sis!

Welcome to the quintessential safe haven for brown and black women of all generations to feel empowered, inspired, and emboldened to reach their highest heights and WIN!

We took a hiatus to become better and listen sis, we have GREATNESS coming your way! Stay tuned for what's to come and if you do not have our signature book or the coloring book for little brown girls in your life, GET THEM NOW!

DBG Book

I can't get enough! I've purchased several copies of the book for friends and colleagues, this book is a true page turner and "edge snatcher"!

-E. Ivy


DBG Coloring Book

My daughter could not wait to color in her new coloring book; she wanted to skip dinner! This is truly a gem for brown girls. This coloring book is really going to help her understand what I mean by
"representation matters"!

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